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I am so psyched that, tomorrow, we have Bob Drogin coming to talk about his awesome book, Curveball.

Wild Pitch: Curveball and Selling the Iraq War

In 1999, a mysterious Iraqi applied for political asylum in Munich. The young chemical engineer offered compelling testimony of Saddam Hussein’s secret program to build weapons of mass destruction. He claimed that the dictator had constructed germ factories on trucks, creating a deadly hell on wheels. His German hosts passed along his account to their CIA counterparts, but denied CIA agents access to their star informant. The Americans dubbed him with an unforgettable code name: Curveball. After September 11, 2001, the Bush administration seized on Curveball’s account as evidence that Saddam’s government needed to be overthrown—in spite of numerous indicators that the informant’s credibility was unraveling. Bob Drogin answers the crucial question of the Iraq war: how and why was America’s intelligence so catastrophically wrong?

Bob Drogin is the national security correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. He previously served for the Times in Asia and Africa, and as a national correspondent based in New York. He has won or shared multiple journalism awards, including the Pulitzer Prize, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, and the George Polk Award.

Join the New America Foundation for an engaging discussion on intelligence failure in the run-up to the Iraq war, followed by a robust Q&A session led by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis.
Start: 12/04/2007 – 12:15pm
New America Foundation
1630 Connecticut Ave, NW 7th Floor
Washington, 20009
United States


  1. Allen Thomson

    Drogin’s going to be on a Washington Post chat session tomorrow at noon EST: