Jeffrey LewisOn Terrorism, Nuclear and Not

Sorry for the light posting — I almost finished a post on whether or not Pakistani nuclear weapons have permissive actions links, but just plain ran out of time.

Anyway, I need to strap on my tie, head over to Carnegie and give my talk on the Chinese ASAT test with Gregory Kulacki. Tomorrow I am in Dubai for the balance of the week talking nuclear proliferation. No idea how much I will be able to post.

If you really need to console yourself, I propose pre-ordering Mike Levi’s forthcoming book, On Nuclear Terrorism (right).

Once I get a copy, I suspect we’ll have Mike down to give a talk or something appropriate.

The other thing you can do is visit Delancey Place — edited by Richard Vague — and sign up for what he describes as eclectic little excerpts delivered to your inbox every day. The daily excerpt is often the highlight of my day.

Last night, Jill and I went up to New York to attend a gala hosted by the NYU Tisch School of Performing Arts honoring Richard, among others. Anyway, we had a blast — though I am very tired today.

Richard, on the other hand, seems to possess endless energy. In addition to editing Delancey Place, running a major corporation and generously supporting the arts, he is also a policy wonk. You might have seen his monograph, Terrorism: A Brief for Americans — Report Issued by a Concerned and Conservative CEO. You can watch Richard delivery a briefing on the monograph.


  1. Sheldon (History)

    Chilling scenario for nuclear terrorism is presented in “King of Bombs,” novel about the next Al-Qaeda attack.

  2. cd

    Will the talk on the Chinese ASAT test be made available online? (If possible, I would love to see the text of the talk.)