Jeffrey LewisCurveball Docs

Since I’ve been blogging talking and talking so much about Curveball and Bob Drogin’s excellent book of the same name, I thought I should link to the excellent document cache posted by our friends at the National Security Archive.

The Record On Curveball: Declassified Documents and Key Participants Show the Importance of Phony Intelligence in the Origins of the Iraq War, National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 234, edited by John Prados, November 5, 2007.

PS: I think we are going to have Bob Drogin here at the New America Foundation to give a talk — probably December 4.

Details to follow.


  1. mark F (History)

    Is the political manipulation of intelligence new?

    Wasn’t there a false “bomber gap”, “nuclear weapons gap”, and “missile gap”, all false, and known to be false by their promoters.

    so, nothing new here.

    By the way, can’t you guys all get along?