Jeffrey LewisFinger Lickin' Good

Pyongyang gets fried chicken delivery for the first time. AP’s Jaesoon Chang explains:

Choi Won-ho, head of a fried chicken franchiser that has about 70 restaurants across South Korea, said Friday he is opening a 50-table restaurant in Pyongyang on Nov. 15. It will also deliver chicken and draft beer to homes.

“I have wanted to be the world’s best chicken brand,” Choi told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

“But I thought it makes no sense to conquer the world without sharing food with our compatriots. That’s why I went there first,” he said. “I plan to get into the Chinese market via Pyongyang.”

(Hat tip to Stephanie Kaplan for sending the story along.)


  1. Vic (History)

    I would’ve thought Church’s would’ve beaten them there. When I was in SK (this was back in 2000), by far the biggest U.S. fast food chain was Church’s fried chicken. That’s about the only place outside of the U.S. that I’ve seen them; not sure what the attraction was, but by god they were popular.