Jeffrey LewisIn Memoriam, Randall Forsberg

Randy Forsberg, the founder of the nuclear freeze movement in the early 1980s, passed away last week after a long battle with cancer.

I met her once. She was really great.

In this interview — from the documentary, War and Peace in the Nuclear Age, a thirteen-part PBS series on the origins and evolution of nuclear competition between the United States and the former Soviet Union — she discusses the origins of the freeze movement.

Click to play the video


  1. jon (History)

    That’s tremendously sad news. She left some big shoes to fill.

  2. Steve Ladd (History)

    Thanks for posting this clip. I just learned of Randy’s death. I had the great fortune of working closely with Randy as part of the National Freeze movement. She was a powerful, intelligent force who will be missed. We need more people like her today to step forward and provide real leadership and galvanizing ideas for organizing.

  3. David (History)

    When I was a student at the University of Oregon I organized a conference on various national security issues. I brought her out as a speaker. She sat on a panel dealing with nuclear issues; the other panelist, from the other end of the ideological spectrum, being Ray Cline, formerly of the CIA and then CSIS for many years. Needless to say, she pretty well mopped the floor with him.

    – David Isenberg