Jeffrey LewisHangin' At CISAC

Just finished my talk on China’s nuclear forces at the Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) conference on “P-5 Nuclear Doctrines and Article VI.”

I am sitting two chairs from Bill Perry, for whom Stanford is throwing an 80th birthday party tonight. The pictures of Perry are from the invitations — Perry on the day he entered the Army Air Corps, with his wife, Lee, and on the day he graduated Stanford.

Should be a blast, though I hop on the red eye right after.


  1. earthenberm

    Actually, the ACW is three seats from the good Dr. Perry.

  2. earthenberm

    The ever modest ACW should note that he was the youngest speaker at this conference by a good 20 years, thinks this observer. It’s a very interesting conference, on how one might revitalize a commitment to real disarmament. I won’t disclose the names of the people present (Chatham House rules and all that), but it’s an astonishingly impressive buncha people.

  3. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    Dr. Perry is most fondly remembered for his directive that brought COTS to life at DoD.

    Happy Birthday, and may you have many many more happy birthdays!

  4. BJR

    Stanford CISAC

  5. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    I should be clear — we are seated alphabetically.

    Lewis, participant, participant, Perry.

    Hey, Earthenberm, think it’s lasagna again for lunch?

  6. earthenberm

    nah, I’m thinking today is cold sandwiches. Breakfast today was a letdown after yesterday’s spread.

    And the two participants twixt our friendly Wonk and the Secretary are quite interesting, too.

  7. Stephen Young (History)

    And now it’s time for the guessing game – who is sitting btwn Lewis and Perry, alphabetically?

    I’m betting Michael May and Michael O’Hanlon (when it should be David Mosher).

    Sadly, Wolfgang Panofsky should have been there, but no longer.