Jeffrey Lewis2 More Chinese Booomers?

Hans Kristensen spotted two Chinese 130 m-long SSBNs, side by side, at Huludao Shipyard in Google Earth.

I am very excited to see how the Chinese operate these suckers once they are kitted out and the JL-2 is ready.

I guess this means I need to write part three of my three part series on the implications of the Jin. Part 1 (Will China’s Deterrent Go To Sea?) and Part 2 (How Capable is the 094?) are available.


  1. davesgonechina (History)

    Thought you might like to see how your Chinese blogger counterparts are subspotting.

  2. Carl (History)

    I am guessing there are probably one or two 688’s constantly on station in the Yellow Sea waiting for one of these badboys to come out and play.

  3. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    At the rate things are going, any day now, the Chinese are going to launch their own ‘commercial’ satellite that offers 5 cm resolution for everywhere else but China.

    Then the Russians might come in and offer 2cm for everywhere else but Russia.

    Maybe some Indian outfit will then come in with IR and Radar…

    Imagine Boeing and Lockheed having to compete with low cost foreign competitors?

    Just picture the horde of imagery salesman hawking ‘real time’ pics when a conflict breaks out.

    The sales pitch for Lockheed might be…

    Beware of cheap (fill in the blank) imitations, insist on Genuine Lockheed KH-xx images, quality made in USA’

    Talking about opportunities for ‘celebrity’ endorsements. …

  4. hallo84 (History)

    Finally a picture of the subs and facility.

    Please don’t ask how we aquired the picture. Honestly I don’t want to know…LOL

  5. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    That’s quite a picture.