Jeffrey LewisNuts and Bolts of DPRK Denuclearization

Chris Hill tells reporters that we are down to the nuts and bolts of a denuclearization agreement.

But we are really into the nuts and bolts now of implementing denuclearization, and there are a lot of details that we are talking about — trips by people and various things that we are doing on the ground.

Still no word on the technical measures for disabling the reactor.


Hill thinks he is in the “nuts and bolts” but real action officers worry about things like making sure the Assistant Secretary has a warm bed and a well-organized press corps.

On that score, two bits of “local color” from the trip to Beijing.

First, the St. Regis Beijing, according to the website, will close for renovations from 21 November 2007-7 May 2008.

Where on earth is A/S Hill going to stay? I mean, has he ever stayed anywhere else in Beijing?

Second, a colleague showed me one of the text messages that the US embassy sends out when Hill is about to do some press — usually a couple of hours in advance:

A/S Hill expected to speak@ St Regis @ 9:30 pm tonight.

Then the horde descends. One can imagine getting pretty silly after seeing a couple dozen of these messages.

So, CONTEST! Post your own satirical SMS message, as well as any hotel advice.


  1. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    A/S Hill expected to sacrifice vestal virgin @ St Regis @ midnight.

  2. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    No, he doesn’t qualify for the sacrifice. For that matter, I don’t think anyone in the administration qualifies either.

  3. Muskrat

    Hill Hotel Hors d’hacks; A/S out of RS; Pressure on for alt presser

  4. Dan

    A/S Hill expected to order spring roll @ Fan Hay Yuk’s House of Asia after first course.

  5. Graham

    C U 2nite @ 7 @ St. Reg 4 gr8t spch by A/S Hill.

  6. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    The problem with text messages is getting noticed and read from the mass received…. and getting people to show up at all. So how about this:

    420 pty NSA Meet @7 Regis BJ w Hill

  7. Haninah (History)

    CHill 2 talk a/b NORKz d-nukin rly soon – b thr