Jeffrey LewisNuclear Black and Gray Market

David Isenberg has a cool new blog devoted to the nuclear black (and gray) market — and, in particular, you know who

Check it out.


  1. No quiero decirlo

    I kinda wonder how many of the readership get the clip.

  2. Dan

    For those of you who don’t get the screencap, check out the Youtube cliphere (go to 1:56).

  3. spacemanafrica

    It’s obviously a sly reference to Irans secret Ceti Eel program. An earborn biological agent that produces madness in its hosts, this symptom being apparent in the poor man pictured.

  4. Shay Begorrah (History)

    I am glad to be working from home as my impashtuned imitation Kirk cry could have upset co-workers.

    Dr Lewis, your nerd Karma is high.

  5. mike (History)

    that was great.. definitely (imho) the best of the star trek movies … so many classic lines

  6. bigfoot (History)

    Forgive me.