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From Ashley Tellis’ article in Survival entitled, China’s Military Space Strategy:

US policymakers, too, were aware of the preparations leading up to the test as well as its successful outcome but, after considerable internal deliberations, chose to keep silent. A week later, when an American scholar, Jerry Lewis, and Aviation Week & Space Technology finally broke the story almost simultaneously, the Chinese government responded with a mixture of confusion and denial.

The telethon is going great, thanks for asking.

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  1. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    Would we get to see a list of woman/women and/or man/men who say your name? (Strike out the ones that do not apply.)

    Gasp! Should we look on (Larry) Craig’s list?

  2. Joseph Logan (History)

    Always thought it odd the the theme song of the telethon was “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. You’ll not have that to deal with in China.

  3. Lee Dunbar (History)

    Where is the picture of Jerry Lewis? I figured you would at least do us the pleasure of posting a photo of him, perhaps even next to one of you like spot the differences. Though you are self-depricating I doubt you would stoop so low. Any publicity right?