Jeffrey LewisBig Throwdown At the Big Hunt Thursday

Just a friendly little reminder that Jane and I are throwing a little blog-tastic happy hour at the Big Hunt tomorrow.

1345 Connecticut Ave., NW, near the Dupont Circle Metro (South Exit)

I’ll probably get there around six or so. Jane will be fashionably late.


  1. Kyle Atwell (History)

    Sounds fun. Do we have an official community drink? Maybe we can call it “nuclear wasted”.

    Theme for future think and drinks: “Dr. Strangepub: how I learned to stop thinking and love drinking with fellow wonks”

  2. Anonymous

    I would like to nominate the “Cuban Missile Crisis” as the ACW official drink (LNS has the RBV after all). It’s a Cuba Libre with higher proof rum, like Bacardi 151 although the Google says that this monstrosity has the same name.