Jeffrey LewisGreetings from The Carnegie Conference

Well, I just settled into the balcony, plunked down 12 bucks for internet access and now George is handing out grades based on the Universal Compliance report:

  • Obligation One: Make Nonproliferation Irreversible. D
  • Obligation Two: Devalue the Political and Military Currency of Nuclear Weapons. F
  • Obligation Three: Secure all nulcear materials. C-
  • Obligation Four: Stop Illegal Transfers. C-
  • Obligation Five: Commit to Conflict Resolution. C+
  • Obligation Six: Persuade India, Israel, and Pakistan to accept the same nonproliferation obligations accepted by the weapon state signatories [to the NPT]. D-
  • Conclusion – The Final Grade: D+

Well that’s cheery. I need some coffee.


  1. James (History)

    Any chance you or Jane will be blogging the 2:00 panel on “What the Future Holds for U.S. and Russian Nuclear Weapons”?

  2. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    Ask and ye shall receive.

  3. Drew (History)

    If you have nothing else to do, and if the material was there, I’d be interested in the rationale George gave, if he did, for the C- for stopping illegal transfers. This is my own pet rock.

  4. Drew (History)

    Never mind (unless he said more than was in the on-line report card). Just read it. Sorry about premature posting.

  5. hass (History)

    Hmm- interesting. The non-Nuclear weapons states are to be screwed, essentially, while nothing is to be done about disarmament, nuclear cooperation will be eliminated and Isrel and India get to be legitimized under the NPT

    Gee, talk about setting a self-serving low bar