Jeffrey LewisSpace Based Bob Still In Orbit

Al Kamen include a funny little blurb in this week’s “In The Loop”:

Are you opposed to nuclear proliferation? Are you a current or maybe former civil servant eligible for the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program? Then hurry up and apply for the great job of “Special Envoy for Nuclear Nonproliferation.”


You’d be working in the office that was headed by former Pentagon civil servant and recent political appointee Robert G. Joseph, who just left the undersecretary job at State suggesting publicly that the North Korea nuke deal was immoral.

He’s now a senior scholar at the National Institute for Public Policy.
Its Web site says “he also serves as U.S. Special Envoy for Nuclear Nonproliferation.”

Oh. Guess it’s already filled. Never mind.

On the same front, David Sanger pens a long valentine to one of his favorite sources, where he also mentions Joseph’s role as a “part-time presidential envoy on proliferation issues.”


  1. Robot Economist (History)

    There is a certain poetic irony about Space-based Bob joining the think tank founded by Keith “Nuclear War is Winnable” Payne. I guess loonies of a feather do indeed flock together…