Jeffrey LewisGreetings from India

I am in New Delhi, attending a Financial Services Volunteer Corps dialogue among Russian, Chinese, Indian and American participants.

Our meeting kicked off on Friday, which just happened to coincide with a state visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin and India’s Republic Day.

(Republic Day is a dry holiday in India, which led to some churlish nostalgia for colonialism among thirsty conference-goers.)

Anyway, Volodya dropped in, viewed some of his country’s wares on parade and promised to build four VVER reactors just as soon as he can help the US blow a ginormous hole in the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

Good times.


  1. Jared Craft (History)

    get back to work you lazy bum.

  2. akash (History)

    When did Republic Day turn dry? Thats gandhi jayanti (to commemorate MK Gandhi)…are you sure some teetotaller didn’t pull a fast one on your group?

  3. akash (History)

    You are indeed correct, it is a dry day. Dammit, thats so unfair, I would love to have a tipple on R-Day. As a sign of respect for Indian independence, I am going right now and getting tipsy. And a big finger to all those who want to remain sober on the day India declared itself a republic. Sounds significant and hence grounds for alcohol! πŸ™‚

  4. Amit Joshi

    Hey, at least the liquor stores are open on Sundays πŸ™‚

  5. Jeffrey Lewis

    The food is lovely, though Indian food tastes remarkably similar here to that in the US or UK.

    Might be where they are taking we weak-bellied tourist types.

  6. Nitin (History)

    Dry day?

    Like Akash, I’m shocked too. I’d just put it down to you (a) not knowing where to go and (b) not having any friends in New Delhi.

    I mean, it’s New Delhi you are talking about.

  7. Mike H

    Gee, you think the food thing is about where they are taking you? Shocking. . .

  8. Eagle (History)

    Does anyone have insight as to how the US nuclear industry – that segment possibly interested in sales to India – might view the Russian sale? Any possible effect on its presumed support for the Indo-US nuclear cooperation?

  9. akash (History)

    Jeff, you weak bellied touristy types are not being allowed to taste actual good ole’ fashioned tandoori chicken, and curry masala! I take umbrage at the food in India being the same as the bland junk passed off in most places in the US/UK…the actual stuff is far more spicy. πŸ˜‰

  10. Robert Merkel (History)

    Jeffrey, a question for you – what do you suggest the nuclear supplier countries do?

    Would you prefer India gets all its electricity from coal instead?

    Nuclear proliferation isn’t the only, or even the greatest, threat to global security the world faces any more.