Jeffrey LewisChris Hill Rulz

Paul Kerr reminds me why Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Christopher Hill remains my favorite US diplomat:

Q: Can’t you at least get a Yongbyon freeze? That would seem to be a…

HILL: Oh, you think that’s easy? [Laughter] I’ll tell you what — put that boom microphone down and you get it done and I’ll buy you a beer. [link]

That was from the same Beijing trip that led Hill to tell reporters that initial pre-Christmas talks with the North Koreans contained “nothing … to fill me up with a sense of holiday spirit.”


  1. MTC (History)

    Jeffrey –

    Hill plays the press and academics for fools with his friendliness, while achieving nothing.

    Give me an S.O.B. who treats the press like dogs, stabs his bosses in the back, sells out his own mother and gets a deal to lock that reactor down.