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Sorry about being such a scatterass lately.

As usual, there is big stuff under way and the blog is getting the shaft. But I am sprawled out on the oriental rug with a pot of pu-erh tea, a little Wilco on the stereo (Being There) and a resolve to write for a couple of hours.

Fortunately, between Jane’s obession with polonium and the human blogging machine that is Paul Kerr over at Total Wonkerr, things have been in good hands.

Oh, one last thing … I’ve gotten some e-mails asking if Paul and I had some kind of falling out.

Not in the least. Paul and I have been friends since we were office mates at CSIS a long, long time ago. (And, yes, we did accomplish some things despite sharing a tiny, windowless box. For example, we refused Steele Means an intership. We also conducted serious research into whether Fugazi and the DC dancepunk scence are more derivative of Television or Gang of Four. And yes, there is a correct answer to that question.)

Anyway, I encouraged Paul to start his own blog and his parting shot was meant to be funny, not bitter. Or, rather, funny and bitter. So don’t stress it.


  1. Steele

    And you regret it to this day don’t you??

  2. Jeffrey Lewis


  3. James (History)

    CSIS’s loss = BASIC’s gain

  4. Vicenzo (History)

    “Monday/I’m allright/ Get me outta F-L-A!/ In school yeah/ I fooled ya/ Now I know I made a mistake…”