Jeffrey LewisLive Blogging Me!

Peter Zimmerman and I are giving a talk about our article, “Bomb in the Backyard” at a meeting with defense journalists.

My handout—using some of the cool images by Jeffrey Smith—is here.

We are also getting a couple of questions about polonium. The best resource I know is this fact sheet from the Health Physics Society.

(Hat tip to Tom Bielefeld.)


  1. FSB

    Nice handout.

    Argues you ought not piss off the putative terrorists too much or they may just pull this off.

    Since most terrorism related issues stem from the Israeli-Palestinian problem would be not altogether silly to entertain the concept of starting real dialogue about that.

    Unfortunately does not look likely. As President Carter states in todays LA Times:,0,3719741,print.story?coll=la-opinion-center

  2. Jeffrey Lewis

    Several of my friends would strongly object to the linkage argument. For my part, while I see progress on Israeli-Palestinian peace as one more element of a public diplomacy strategy, I think Al Qaeda was looking for an excuse …

  3. FSB

    Yes, point taken.

    I’ve heard objections similar to what your friends would raise, but I would ask: Al Qaeda was looking for an excuse for what precisely? Do you not think the US foreign policy (arguably hijacked by the AIPAC as concerns the mideast at least) played into formenting their hatred and channeling their anger?

    The following academic papers provide some insight: