Jeffrey LewisNoah v. Jeffrey v. Claire & Caterina

Oh, so, I just got this note from Claire and Caterina:

Think N Drink’s triumphant return!

A few sweltering summers ago, a devoted group of DC Think Tankers decided to share a few drinks at a classic Dupont watering hole. The gathering became routine, and grew in size, until some even called it a “movement.” Today, the legend lives on … Join us for a revival of the grand old Think N Drink tradition. Come share a few libations, swap your views on policy (or not), and just generally shmooze with other young professionals. We hope to see new faces and old friends to kick off the holiday season!

Where: Big Hunt, 2nd floor, Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Circle
When: Thursday, December 7th, 6 PM

See you then!

Claire Applegarth and Caterina Dutto

P.S. Our invite list might be a tad outdated, so as always, forward far and wide!

Man, it’s like that scene in The Perfect Storm … Jane must be sooooo jealous.

Anyway, Noah has posted his announcement for what he’s calling the third annual Defense Tech v. Arms Control Wonk soiree.

So, anyway, now you have many reasons to join us Thursday, December 7, after work (5ish), upstairs, at the Big Hunt (1345 Connecticut Ave. NW, between the Dupont Circle and Farragut North metro stops).


  1. Andy (History)

    Would you be willing to pay for my plane ticket to DC? 🙂

  2. Jane (History)

    Have fun everyone! I am indeed very jealous.

    There will be a Think and Drink Moscow Edition very soon! That’s right… a global happy hour.

  3. Don (History)

    I am so there, Jane! Tinkoffs or Red Bar?