Jeffrey LewisSandia Stalker

Another wayward youngster at our national labs. I am going to have to create a separate category for these stories:

A woman is accused of using a computer at a national laboratory to hack into a cell phone company’s Web site to get a number for Chester Bennington, lead singer of the rock group Linkin Park.

According to an affidavit filed by the Department of Defense Inspector General, Devon Townsend, 27, obtained copies of Bennington’s cell phone bill, the phone numbers he called and digital pictures taken with the phone.

Seriously, isn’t the bigger crime that she couldn’t stalk someone cool?


  1. Michael Roston (History)

    “You got a problem with the times/Your problems sound a lot like mine.”

    Hell yeah.

  2. Jeffrey Lewis

    I’ve been waiting weeks to give TL/RX some love.

  3. James O'Brien

    Okay, here’s a personal rant… How about instead of prosecuting this kid, let’s hire him. Trust me, everyday I go to work and see people that are supposed to be computer security gurus. Only, all these people can do is mindlessly read the policy drivel that comes out of DISA and NSA… We hire people that have clearances, not skills… Especially in computer security, where if you have skills you probably couldn’t get a clearance. Like I said, just a personal rant!