Jeffrey LewisQuote of the Day

What people don’t realize is the information from the labs is really meaningless to us. I mean, for one, half the people that do meth don’t even know how to spell the word plutonium.

Justin Stone on the possibility that three flash drives from Los Alamos National Laboratory, found at the suspected methamphetamine lab where he was arrested for probation violation and drug charges, might have been part of an espionage conspiracy.


  1. CKR (History)

    Eehhh, Jeffrey, the Cerro Grande Fire was in 2000, and that isn’t even the fire your link discusses.

  2. J.Lo (History)

    Reminiscent of a similar remark from a county judge in Tennessee about the epidemic of meth labs there: “Only 38% of these people even graduate from high school, and now they all want to be chemists.”