Jeffrey LewisBuster

If Arms Control had a mascot, it would be Mark Fiore’s Buster, the friendly nuke. (That or maybe Nick Neutron. Tough call.)

Anyway, Fiore’s Axis of Oops is brilliant. He joins the The Onion in using satire to better get at the heart of the issue than can the real news.

The Onion’s latest entry is “N. Korea Detonates 40 Years Of GDP”:

N. Korea Detonates 40 Years Of GDP
Remains Of Country’s Economy Sent Deep Into Earth’s Core


Across the country, North Korean citizens cheered wildly after learning their nation had violently transformed the equivalent of 2.3 billion hot meals, 11 million housing units, and 1,700 hospitals into their component atoms. Others celebrated by gleaning recently harvested rice paddies for leftover grains.

“This fraction-of-a-second blast is what I, and my parents before me, have given up everything to achieve,” said tractor driver Chin Lee-Park, whose machine was cannibalized for bomb derrick parts in 1997.

Spread the nuclear love.