Jeffrey LewisWhat Price, Peace?

The New York University Law School Magazine contains “a rare in-depth profile of Mohamed ElBaradei (LL.M. ’71, J.S.D. ’74, LL.D. ’04), who runs the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

The 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winner believes that, to forestall violence, the world’s powers need to address human rights injustices and quality of life imbalances. “It’s not just poverty per se, it’s the sense of humiliation and injustice. When somebody feels humiliated,” he says, “they just go bananas.”

Also, make sure to check out ElBaradei’s 1970s “Dino Ironsides” ‘stache.


  1. hass (History)

    Update on the multilateral fuel bank on Iranian soil:

    From –Nuclear Engineering International

    “However, diplomatic sources close to the talks told NEI that there was a growing willingness to compromise on the part of the European states. Only Washington was maintaining a rigid position…This approach has certain similarities to recent suggestions from the Science, Technology and Global Security Working Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Iran As Pioneer Case for Multilateral Fuel Bank by Geoffrey Forden and John Thomson, proposes a multilateral enrichment facility on Iranian soil with the capacity to provide material for a virtual fuel bank…”