Jeffrey LewisIAEA/2006/53

By popular demand, I am telling everyone that ISIS posted the IAEA report:

Lots of things causing heartburn, but everyone is pointing to this paragraph noting some HEU particles on some waste containers:

17. The depleted uranium targets which had been irradiated in the course of the plutonium experiments are stored in containers located at the Karaj Waste Storage Facility (GOV/2005/67, para. 24). On 8 August 2005, the Agency took environmental samples from one of those containers. The results from their analysis, recently finalized by the Agency, indicate the presence of high enriched uranium particles. On 15 August 2006, Iran was requested to provide information about the source of the contamination and the past use of the containers.

There are plenty of other things to be worked up about. More on that later.


  1. Max Postman (History)

    I haven’t read the whole IAEA report yet, but enrichment via the “experimental” irradiation of uranium targets is also considered by many to have been the intended course of Iraqi nuclear weapons development prior to the 1981 Israeli destruction of the Osiraq reactor.

  2. Andy (History)

    WAPO :

    “Previous traces were found to have been the result of used and discarded centrifuge equipment the Iranians bought from Pakistan. Officials at the IAEA said privately yesterday that the new contamination appears to be from old spent fuel the Iranians moved out of harm’s way during their eight-year war with Iraq.”

    I’m guessing this is talking about the original fuel we supplied to the 5MW research reactor in Tehran which, apparently, is still stored there.

  3. Pete R (History)

    Jeffrey, Still awaiting the details of ‘plenty of other things to be worked up about’

    This is an excellent blog, Thanks.