Jeffrey LewisWant To See Two Spy Satellites?

You may have to squint a little.

The image, of the IGS 1B and Lacrosse 4 satellites moving across the night sky, was taken by Macro Langbroek.

The SEESAT list has a fascinating discussion about the shape and configuration of the Lacrosse 5 satellite, which periodically performs a “disappearance trick.”

Most observers seem to think the trick is a quirk of a design feature unrelatd to stealth, such as the placement of solar panels.

Other satellites, of course, are intended to be stealthy. FOW Allen Thomson has created A Stealth Satellite Sourcebook that is quite the place to start on the subject.


  1. Allen Thomson (History)

    An interesting question to ask—it has a significant answer—is, “Why are those streaks labeled IGS 1B and Lacrosse 4?”

  2. Rob H (History)

    Why are those streaks labelled IGS 1B and Lacrosse 4?