Jeffrey LewisSo Long, Cheyenne Mountain

Well, the folks at the Target Store in Colorado Springs can breath a sigh of relief: NORAD is moving up the road to Peterson Air Force Base and putting Cheyenne Mountain on standby.

The Denver Post has some nice images and graphics.

GAO, in a report ominously number 06-666, recently described the Cheyene Mountain upgrade program as “over cost, behind schedule” adding that “some capabilities have been deferred indefinitely [that] could pose risks to performing some future operations.”

Paul Shambroom, in my opinion, still took the best pictures of the complex, inside and out, including the one above.


  1. Captain_Canuck

    I toured this facility back in 1990 – a remarkable piece of engineering. The giant springs that the whole facility rests on were incredible to see, as was the little row-boat floating in the water resevoir! The companion site in North Bay, Ontario was very similar, and is also in the process of shutting down. I think town is hoping to market it for secure data storage – perhaps an appropriate place to host ACW in the future!

  2. Haninah

    Does that mean Target is no longer a target? Sorry… 😛

  3. Haninah

    Secure data storage in an underground bunker? That doesn’t always turn out well – didn’t they read Cryptonomicon?