Jeffrey LewisChastise That Naughty Boy!

Mikio Ikuma, Deputy International Editor of Yomiuiri Shimbun, calling for a strike on North Korea:

Strike: Chastise That Naughty Boy!

Tokyo, Japan—North Korea has been toying with dangerous weapons for so long, wrongly hoping that it can intimidate neighboring grown-ups. It is time to teach the ill-bred child that bad behaviors are not tolerated in the real world.

A colleague swears the original headline said “spank.” Dare to dream.

Jack Pritchard takes a different approach in “No, Don’t Blow It Up.”


  1. Haninah

    [sigh…] i waited several days to see if anyone would rise to the bait before i did, but since you all failed me…
    “yomiuri shimbun to kji: ‘i see our schwartz is bigger than yours!’”