Jeffrey LewisGreetings from Sedona

I am in Sedona, Arizona through Wednesday, as a guest of the Stanley Foundation.

As you can see from the picture of my Casita snuggled against the mountains, Sedona is cold and overcast.

Sometimes, it is so tough to be a wonk.


  1. gmb

    a printable (pdf) vortex map for your travels

  2. MVS (History)

    Sigh. Coconino County, Arizona.

    Since you’re in the area, if you’re looking for a good steak try Black Barts (yes, that’s it’s name) steak house in Flagstaff. There may be singing and a dancin’.


  3. gmb

    1 – because Dr Wonk is on fire and
    2 – because it’s Fox News.

    AZ Wildfire

  4. Bolo (History)

    If you don’t like the cold, you can always come on down to Phoenix. We’ve got plenty of heat to go around! 🙂

    (Unless you already live here… I’m new to this blog)