Jeffrey LewisBushehr Turbine Hall

BBC has a fav pic that uses for Iran’s nuclear program (right).

I noticed it once, didn’t immediately recognize what it was, then forgot to follow up. Someone asked about the image in the comments section and, voila, the Arms Control Wonk community produced an answer: the turbine hall at Bushehr.

Other images of the turbine hall are available from Reuters and AFP.

My favorite image, however, isn’t of the turbine hall at all, but a schematic of a German-designed hall quite similar in layout. If you want to know, more or less, what a nuclear power plant looks like on the inside (Hello! rhetorical question), just click the pretty pic.


  1. Tom (History)

    Hi Jeffrey:
    the link you provide with the pic of the turbine/generator hall leads you to a German website introducing the print-out 3-D-paper-model of the new European PWR to be built in Finland. The actual 1:800 model (with instructions) to be printed out on 120 g-paper is at
    Additional related DIY info is at
    So for all you geeks out there, if you want to have a nuclear reactor on your desk, have fun – it´s only 40 hours working time!
    Best, Tom.