Jeffrey LewisIran Offer

You have probably noticed that a draft of the US offer to Iran has hit the internet.

I’ve been on the phone all day and have a big post in the works, probably for tomorrow morning.

The important thing to note, according to my sources, is this is the penultimate draft of the offer, not what we actually gave Tehran—in other words, actual mileage may vary.

Paul Adds:
Tell them which of us posted this first. Go on…


  1. hass (History)

    The previous “offer” made to Iran under the terms of the Paris agreement consisted of maters that the EU was not in any position to actually deliver—such as aircraft parts (which are controlled by US intellectual property laws) despite the existence of treaties which require the sale of spare parts for aircraft. So, regardless of whatever promises are made to Iran, there’s no evidence that any can be delivered. Will congress waive the laws that restirct the sale of nuclear reactors to Iran, for example?