Jeffrey LewisNew Blog of Note: China Matters

How did I miss the brilliantly funny and insightful China Matters blog?

(Hat tip, Arm Chair Generalist).

Here is just a sampling:

  • “The alarmist high estimate of China’s actual military spending, which attracted some notice, is so risible piece of Powerpoint Rangering I actually wonder if they were laughing as they cranked it out.”
  • “Is there any stuff out there better than allegations that George W. Bush was successfully romanced by his Chinese male tennis teacher?”
  • “I have a feeling Wen Jiabao was thinking, Yeah, lady, I’ve got responsibilities. 1.3 billion people, a runaway economy, a political infrastructure teetering toward collapse, US military forces ringing the country, a huge need for imported oil, and what looks like a concerted campaign by the West and Japan to cut me off from hydrocarbon supplies in the Middle East, Russia, and South Asia. I’m not just sitting here worrying that the chef is going to burn the schnitzel.”
  • “Forex for the People!”
  • “One doesn’t expect China to figure in a story about $500,000 race cars, an alleged Euro-trash gangster, and a titanic Internet-stock boondoggle. But in LA anything is possible.”
  • “It is interesting to speculate what foreign policy objective compels President Bush forgo the pleasure of whacking the panda across the snout, at least rhetorically, after his antics during Hu Jintao’s visit and the largely successful effort to steal Hu’s thunder in Africa with the Darfur peace settlement.”

Plus “China Hand” is thisclose to a knife fight with Arthur Waldron.


  1. Max Postman (History)

    Great blog. I thought the analysis on Taiwan and the “Second Island Chain” was very insightful. Also, Bush has been compared to Nixon a lot lately, so here’s hoping that rumor about the pictures of him and his tennis coach is true. If you thought Nixon achieved unprecedented closeness with the Chinese on his trip there, wait til you see what Bush II did…