Jeffrey LewisLordi and Eurovision

I’ve been going back and forth on Foreign Policy’s new bog, FP Passport—until Christine Chen’s two posts (Good Lordi!!!, Good Lordi!!! Part II) on the triumph of Finish metal at the Eurovision Song contest.

Sheer genius.


  1. Felix Deutsch (History)

    Here are two flash movies with better quality.

    The Eurovision show:

    The Original Lordi video (nice cheerleaders-turning into-zombies effect):

  2. Alex (History)

    GAAAHH!!!! It’s like…. there was bad rock and roll, as satirized by Spinal Tap, then bad Spinal Tap as satirized by Lordi.

    I say again – GAAAAHH!

  3. Mark

    So how long before we hear Ahmadinejad trying to appeal to the comman man by saying something like “the Great Satan will soon face a Day of Rock-ening” or threatening “the Zionist regime” with an A-rock-alypse?

    (though it probably doesn’t sound as cool in Persian, or in Finnish for that matter)

  4. Kyle (History)

    Why is Lordi getting so much attention? They are simply a GWAR knock-off. I bet they started as a GWAR cover band!

  5. Beavis

    GWAR!!!! GWAR!!!!