Jeffrey LewisIrresponsible Rumor Mongering

Believe nothing you read here or, at least, don’t blame me for your being a busybody.

Why was former Special Assistant to the DCI Charles Duelfer sitting at an al fresco table outside Potbelly’s yesterday at 6:20? asks one loyal reader.

Might it be the 17th and Pennsylvania patio is just across the street from John Negroponte’s office, loyal reader opines, where General Hayden’s departure leaves an opening as Deputy DNI?

Loyal reader demures that such speculation is beneath his dignity, though dignity seldom enters the conversation when we turn to the subject of the Bush Administration and WMD intelligence—a sad state of affairs the scrupulous Mr. Duelfer might help remedy.

I have no inside scoop, but wonder what some of you, oh readers, might hearing about Mr. Duelfer’s dining companions as of late.

Perhaps we should start a Draft Duelfer for Deputy DNI website?


  1. J (History)

    Perhaps he simply was enjoying a nice evening with one of the delicious sandwiches available from Potbelly … Was he extra-decadent and decide to order a milk shake too?

  2. Drew (History)

    As of 4-5 weeks ago, DNI and core staff re-located to Bolling AFB. Negroponte still maintains an office in the Old EOB, for use when he’s downtown, but….