Jeffrey LewisRohani Letter

Not to be outdone, Hassan Rohani, former Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, has an open letter in Time.

I was particularly taken by this line:

Could it be that the extremists all around see their interests — however transient, domestic and short-sighted — in heightened tension and crisis?

Extremists “all around” eh?


  1. yousaf (History)

    hmmm sounds like good-cop, bad-cop. sheesha-induced stream-of-consciousness letter from Ahmadinejad (mostly for domestic consumption) followed by a rational ‘western’ coherent and measured one from Rohani (for the west).

    I really think Bush ought to reply in his fifth-grade grammar with no help from advisors, except Dan Quayle to help catch spelling errors. They could get 24 crayola pencils for just $5.49:

    and draw figures showing big big explosions if the Iranians don’t stop enriching right away.