Jeffrey LewisThank You James Nagelberg

I received the following note in the mail yesterday, from reader and friend James Nagelberg.

The note accompanied a box containing a sweet Y-12 mug (shown at right) packed in crumpled paper. For those of you who don’t know:

The Y‑12 National Security Complex is a premier manufacturing facility dedicated to making our nation and the world a safer place. Operated by BWXT Y‑12 for the National Nuclear Security Administration, Y‑12 plays a vital role in the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Weapons Complex.

Y‑12 helps ensure a safe and reliable U.S. nuclear weapons deterrent. We also retrieve and store nuclear materials, fuel the nation’s naval reactors, and perform complementary work for other government and private-sector entities.

I nearly fell out my chair laughing when I realized what James meant by “a response to critics of the NPT that say the Treaty isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.” James had packed my mug in a crumpled print-out of the Treaty.

I guess we do have a response my friend. Thanks, man. The next round is on me.


  1. J.Lo (History)

    This is the most scintillating internet porn I’ve come across since Googling Rademaker’s wife.

  2. Hass (History)

    Yeah—nuclear bombs falling on people’s heads is SOOOO funny…

  3. Max Postman (History)

    Yeah, Hass, that was definitely the point. Way to read between the lines.

  4. Jamie

    That is a pretty clean desk you’ve got there. Time to get to work.