Jeffrey LewisGeneve

I am off to Geneva for a couple of days, back Sunday. The blogging might be light between now and then.

I’ll be talking about non-state actors and the threat to space assets as part of the UNIDIR conference, Building The Architecture For Sustainable Space Security.


  1. Max (History)

    Just wanted to get your thoughts: Saudi Arabia and reports that with Pakistan’s help it is developing nuclear missles. Does this make the region more secure or less. Could this be a move that could neutralize Iran’s ambitions. How do we get Iran to back off its nuclear program in light of the Saudi program. Shouldn’t BushCo. be trying to get India and Pakistan to give up nukes? Pakistan is to me at least very unstable. Is the mid-east nuclear situation out of control or is it the current administration in over its head, or a combination of both.