Jeffrey LewisKoufax Semi-Finalist: Best Expert Blog

Yeah, I am the expert. That is why I am here to fix the cable.

Hey, all, the blog is a semifinalist for a Koufax Award in the category of best expert blog.

If you think the blog is deserving, please feel free to vote early but not often.

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And thanks to Michael Roston, who wrote:

Jeffrey Lewis and Paul Kerr have defined what it is to produce an expert blog. Whether correcting the record on Iran’s nuclear program, contributing to the head of steam that almost stopped the Bolton nomination by looking at the now-ambassador’s real record of service, tripping up the State Department on India sanctions, or reminding us how funny such serious matters can actually be, Arms Control Wonk’s model will inspire how experts in other fields approach blogging long into the future. Add the sweet Hexive re-design, and it even looks pretty. Way to go, fellas – while geography may be separating you, it’s best for us all if you keep it up.