Jeffrey LewisHans Brix! Oh No!

Hans Blix rules.

Yesterday, during the ACA Annual Meeting, Dr. Hans Blix — Chairman of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission and fromer head of UNMOVIC — referred to his cameo in Team America: World Police.

Actually, he RE-ENACTED THE SCENE (mostly).

Download the clip

He was making a serious point about the role of inspections and reporting, one that is worth hearing. (Dave Ruppe reported on the talk.)

Only about 15 people in the audience caught the reference, but we lucky few were on the floor with laughter.

SBS TV Australia recorded the talk for posterity. I’ve posted the clip of Blix (above), as well as the clip from Team America (Team America Clip
— right click save as)

Warning, the Team America clip is profanity laced.


  1. David Ruppe (History)

    there is another, less graphic version of the clip which has a different, I think spot on voice for Blix. See here:

  2. Stephen Young

    Man, I can’t believe I missed that. I blame the accent. Plus, I heard Hans throw the “f” word and that so shocked me I that I lost focus.

    Damn, he’s good.

  3. Monte Davis (History)

    Oh sure, NOW Blix is all down with it—but would he get with the program when it mattered? Would he put on his flight suit and just TELL us where to find the Third Strategic Scud Wing and its bunker full of W-88 knockoffs?


  4. Daniel Guerrero

    It is good to know that such a high-profiled individual can watch the same films as us “earthlings”.