Jeffrey LewisChina Nuclear Weapons Museum

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The Chinese government is opening a nuclear technology museum in Mianyang, home of the China Academy of Engineering Physics:

China’s first theme museum, on the course of development of nuclear technology, will be set up in Mianyang City, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, according to a China News Service report on Monday.

The museum, which is now under construction, is expected to open in April.

With a total investment of 250 million yuan (US$31 million), the museum will be divided into four big exhibition sections, namely nuclear technology, wind tunnel technology, computer science, and Changhong vision technology.


In addition, the exhibits will also showcase the people and touching stories behind the “two bombs and one satellite” program. The program describes the detonation of China’s first atom bomb in 1964, which was followed by the successful launch of a missile in 1966 and explosion of a H-bomb in 1967. The launch of China’s first satellite “Dong Fang Hong” in 1970 was a declaration to the world that China had mastered satellite technology.

Some of you may know how much I like visiting Chinese nuclear museums. See: What I Did Over Summer Vacation: China’s Los Alamos, July 06, 2005