Jeffrey LewisGreetings from Colorado Springs

Greetings from the 2006 Forum on Defense and Space from Colorado Springs.

The large mountin topped with all manner of antennae, visible from the conference hotel, is Cheyenne Mountain—home of the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center, which serves as the command center for both NORAD and USNORTHCOM.

It is the central collection and coordination center for a worldwide system of satellites, radars, and sensors that provide early warning of any missile, air, or space threat to North America.

The box store at the foot of the mountain is, naturally enough, a Target store.

That must amuse the hell out of Russian targeteers.


  1. mediageek

    Amusingly enough, a lot of those antennas are for local television and radio.

    Something we don’t usually tell the tourists. 😉

  2. cerberus (History)

    Hehehe….isn’t it also the Headquarters for “Stargate Command”?