Jeffrey LewisCurious Sanctions

I’ve written a short analysis, Curious Sanctions, for the Carnegie Endowment’s Proliferation News about the US sanctions imposed on two Indian chemical companies.

By its own count, the Bush Administration has imposed sanctions at a significantly greater rate than the Clinton Administration. Most recently, the United States sanctioned two Indian chemical companies, along with four other non-U.S. firms, for allegedly assisting Iran’s chemical and ballistic missile programs. This episode raises important questions about how the United States should approach the spread of technology in a globalizing world. Do more sanctions result in more security? A preliminary look into the case of the two Indian chemical firms suggests the answer may be no.

The analysis draws on blog posts by Scott Gearity. and yours truly, as well as some expert editing by a friend or two.


On the subject of proliferation, Ian Cobain is on a tear over at The Guardian.