Jeffrey LewisKim Jong Il's Bodyguards

Go ahead and press play (Or view it here if you have browser trouble).

The clip is real—it is taken from a real 2003 BBC Documentary called The Real Dr. Evil (You can download the entire documentary).

Chosun Ilbo even reported on it.

The man interviewed is Lee Young Kuk, a North Korean defector who claims to have been one of Kim Jong Il’s bodyguards.

Whether the footage really depicts Kim’s bodyguards … I have my doubts. Given Kim Jong Il’s … um … love of cinema, it might just be a clip from a North Korean propaganda movie.

It’s still awesome, though.


Sandy Vershbow—see the Marmot’s Hole on the spelling of his name in Korean—says the U.S. is ready to return to Six Party Talks without conditions.

I think Chris Hill just wants to learn to break boards with his face.


  1. MKH

    That’s hilarious!

    The best part has got to be the guy shooting on top of the wall and then performing a backflip.

    This excessiveness reminds me of the 1980s movie series American Ninja starring Michael Dudikoff. The plots normally revolved around Dudikoff venturing to a far away land, only to encounter, of course, ninjas. Since the 80s where just too exciting to just feature normal ninjas they were either genetically engineered or equipped with wrist mounted laser cannons and missiles…obviously hilarity ensued.

  2. Michael Roston (History)

    “Shooting is not about theory. Practice makes perfect.”

    Sweet. I feel like I’m watching Kung Fu Sunday on WPWR Chicago again.

  3. Matt Hoey (History)

    Awesome! Frontline should take that on next.

  4. Frank Sinatra (History)

    Big deal. I got chunks of guys like that in my stool….

  5. stevensnell

    does anyone know where i can get a cardboard cut-out of Kim in those terminator sunglasses and revolver? I like his style.

    p.s -I’ve been taking backflip shooting classes for years…

  6. Jeremy

    I second that “big deal.” The stuff those guys are doing is like any average Thursday night at my tae kwon do studio.