Jeffrey LewisIndian Chemical Firms Update

The Department of States has published the imposition of sanctions on eight firms in the Federal Register, as reported by Bill Gertz and David Sanger.

I’ve updated my previous post to reflect official statements by both Indian firms that exported schedule three chemicals to Iran:

  • Sandhya Organic Chemicals: 1.5 MT Phosphorus oxychloride (POCl3)
  • Sabero Organics: 112 MT Tri-Methyl Phosphite (TMP)


On a related note, I find the name of this company odd: Ounion (Asia) International Economic and Technical Cooperation Ltd.

The pin yin for “Asia” is yazhou, not ounion. Of course, the firm might be called Ounion (see here) but then again maybe not (see here).

Would it have killed them to list the name in Chinese and an address?

[I originally wrote ouzhou (Europe) instead of yazhou (Asia). I always do that, even in Chinese.]


  1. Allen Thomson (History)

    Obsessive geek rant:

    Please, please, please avoid MT for “metric ton.” M(prefix)is mega and T(unit)is Tesla.

    Say “metric tons”, or even “tonnes”, but avoid and eschew MT unless you mean megateslas, which is a pretty strong magnetic field.

    Now returning you to the topic at hand.