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While the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson was working on the infamous Smile LP, he heard a copy of the Beatle’s Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Fearing that he couldn’t match the achievement, Wilson had a nervous breakdown, spending a year in bed and shelving Smile for more than thirty years (He finally released a version in 2004).

That’s basically how I felt when I read Dan Dupont, guest blogging for Noah Shachtman at Defense Tech.

Dan unleashed some epic posts about security signage, moon missions and the implications of punk rock on defense acquisition.

Now Dan, editor of the Inside Defense family of newsletters, has his own blog at Inside Defense. I am calling this a must-read for all your programming planning, budgeting and execution news.


  1. Art Badoko

    Excellent analogy, although I have always found Mr. Dupont’s writing remiscent of the cool, world-weary and wry orchestrations of Steely Dan or perhaps the cheeky subversiveness of Elvis Costello. Don’t feel bad about his long shadow. Salieri was still a pretty good composer.

  2. Mason Lowe (History)

    I’m excited to discover this crossover between Beach Boy nerdism and nuclear issues!