Jeffrey LewisAlternative Cover Sheets for Classified Info

From today’s Secrecy News:


While underlying questions of secrecy and disclosure carry a potent
primeval charge, the actual implementation of government secrecy
policy is about as boring as it could be.

In a rare attempt to leaven the subject with humor, some unidentified
person has produced spoofs of the colored cover sheets that are
often used on classified documents (Standard Forms 703, 704, and 705
for Top Secret, Secret and Confidential, respectively).

Three previously published bogus cover sheets (for Futile, Stupid and
B*ll**** Information) have been augmented by three new ones.

The collection was circulated this week at the Pentagon.

See the set here:

No word on which cover sheet was used for the parasite microsatellite or the Liying Zhan intelligence.


  1. J. (History)

    I have to tell you that these were circulating around the Pentagon about five years ago. I’ts good to see them out in the public. Hey, we (in the Building) are aware of the overclassification going on, and we’re capable of making fun of it also.