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What does one bring to a housewarming at a refurbished missile silo?

Thanks for your interests in our unique underground properties. Built at a cost of millions, these heavily reinforced historic structures were designed to withstand nuclear attack. They bring new meaning to the word “shelter”. Centuries from now they will remain.

Very few of these first generation missile sites were built. All other sites decommissioned after 1965 are being destroyed to conform to international treaty agreements. No more structures of this size and strength are being built. Most of these properties are rough after 30 years of neglect, but with some clean up and reconstruction inside, their grandeur is restored.

We have now sold 27 of these properties to excited owners that plan to refurbish and use them for various personal and commercial purposes. Because the availability of these properties is limited, we see them as an investment sure to grow in value.

These properties are selling fast and we are finding it difficult to find others available for sale. These historic defense structures are the castles of this 20th Century. If you want to know more about the properties we have for sale please contact us. We can provide more detailed information and drawings of the Atlas-E, Atlas-F, and Titan 1 sites, plus the listing information and locations of specific sites we have for sale.

Thanks again for your interest,

Edward Peden
20th Century Castles

The photograph of one particular property reminds me of a scene in The Big Lebowski. Boy. How you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm once they seen Karl Hungus?

Update: Apparently Shachtman was all over this back in October 2001.


  1. Muskrat (History)

    Don’t forget the Treaty of Moscow and its lack of verification measures. Peacekeeper silos deactivated under those “limits” need not be destroyed per START rules, but will—I undertsand—just be deactiavated and left to molder. The Air Force could sell them off if the owners are willing to put up with the possible arrival of Russian Inspectors to conduct RVOSI inspections on the still-START accountable silos through 2009.