Jeffrey LewisSix Party Talks Resume November 9

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan announced that Six Party Talks will resume in November 9.

Paul has a must read summary of the issues facing the talks in Arms Control Today.

ACT makes an art of “burying the lede” (lead for we normal folk), so let me dig it out for you: The US has no bottom line when it comes to verification:

Interestingly, despite the repeated U.S. insistence on the importance of verifying any North Korean declaration, two Department of State officials told Arms Control Today Oct. 21 that the administration has not yet agreed on a minimally acceptable verification scheme. This could be significant if Washington believes Pyongyang’s declaration to be inaccurate.

Despite Ambassador Hill’s warning that the United States will not conduct an Easter egg hunt to find North Korean weapons and programs, it looks like that—and every other option—remains on the table.


  1. Cheryl Rofer (History)

    Thanks, Jeffrey. I’ve been wondering where that lede business came from. Seems to me it’s been lead for years and years and years, even in journalism. As in that which is at the front, maybe?

  2. Cheryl Rofer (History)

    And, yeah, it’s us normal folk if it follows a preposition.