Jeffrey LewisCeci n'est pas une pipe

Nick Schwellenbach, writing on the POGO blog, noticed that the “generic country” in some Air Force slides looked suspiciously like Iran:

Three of the Power Point slides used in a presentation on the Air Force’s Future Total Force plan featured an unnamed country littered with targets in a hypothetical US air attack.


As an aside, I asked Air Force Brig. General Allison Hickey and two Air Force public affairs officers if the country featued in the slides was indeed Iran. There initial response was a defensive no, it’s a “generic country” an artist drew up for the presentation. But as I pointed out the countries surrounding Iran, strengthening my observation, the Air Force officers moved the presentation on, but did say they should probably change the slides considering tensions with the country.

Nick posted the slides and a serious write up of the talk, which concerned the Air Force’s Future Total Force.

Al Kamen in the Washington Post picked up the story.