Jeffrey LewisPike: No Yongbyon Construction

A few days ago, I argued that analysts could easily confirm with satellite imagery whether or not North Korea had resumed construction of the 50 MWe reactor at Yongbyon and the 200 MWe reactor at Taechon—something the North Koreans told John Lewis they had done.

John Pike, at Global has done just that for the 50 MWe reactor at Yongbyon, finding no evidence of construction between April and June 2005.

John has a cool “mouse-over” feature on his site; check it out.


  1. EARL (History)

    Oh, you are such a liar!!! You can see the advancing camoflage scheme with the construction on the trees along the access road. These will plainly interfere with the $1.5 Billion rock’em-sock’em radar on the new stealth blimps that were planned to target the installation. There are obviously communists infiltrated into the NSA and the pentagon and we need John Bolton to start an investigation.

  2. AHM (History)

    I am curious as to what’s down in the lower-left-hand corner that disappeared between April and June.

  3. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    I think the demolished building was part of the barracks for construction workers.

    Corey Hinderstein noted the “removal of barracks near the 50 MWe site” from the same area beginning in 2003.