Jeffrey LewisSchulte to IAEA

The White House has nominated Gregory L. Schulte to be Representative of the United States of America to the International Atomic Energy Agency, with the rank of Ambassador.

The United States has been without an Ambassador to the IAEA since Ken Brill left in July 2004. Bush withdrew the nomination of James Cunningham under pressure from Senators Jon Kyle (R-AZ) and James Inhofe (R-OK).

Here is a biography from Schulte’s nomination as Executive Secretary of the National Security Council. I don’t know Schulte, but he doesn’t seem ideological in the mold of Bolton et al.

Apparently, Bush has decided to attend to the IAEA and the nonproliferation regime—although you wouldn’t know from the meltdown the US engineered at the NPT REVCON.


  1. Bill Robinson (History)

    I don’t know about ideological, but he sure seems to love the Bomb, as this old clunker from the NATO morgue demonstrates. Not that I entertained the possibility even for a moment that the Administration would send somebody to Vienna who really believed that NPT obligations should be fulfilled by all parties…

  2. Dave M (History)

    I’m pretty sure that Kyl’s hold on Cunningham came at Bolton’s request. Bolton also used his relationship with Kyl to discipline Jack Pritchard over the North Korea speech.