Jeffrey LewisAn Aerospace Command for India?

The Indian press reports Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief Air Marshal Shashindra Pal Tyagi is calling for the establishment of an Aerospace Command:

India is planning to set up a Strategic Aerospace Command to prepare for star wars and use space for network-centric warfare in future. Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief Air Marshall S. P. Tyagi said an Aerospace Command has to be established to lay the groundwork to develop capability to degrade space weapons.

He said such a command for futuristic warfare has to be developed with the help and guidance of the country’s indigenous space agency.

Where have I heard that before?

The Press Trust of India reported very similar comments by Tyagi’s predecessor, Srinivaspuram Krishnaswamy in October 2003:

Indian Air Force chief S Krishnaswamy on Monday said work has started on an aerospace command to have weapon platforms in space.


“Any country on the fringe of space technology like India has to work towards such a command as advanced countries are already moving towards laser weapon platforms in space and killer satellites,” he said.

Apparently inter-service rivalry works in other countries, too.

If India actually sets up an Aerospace Command, I’ll buy Shachtman dinner at the Indian restaurant of his choice in NYC.